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Since I got a very nice note to update, I'm updating! My little boy is a year old now, AND I JUST FOUND OUT I'M PREGNANT AGAIN! Wow! But I just thought i'd update since I got asked:)


Sorry guys I haven't updated in a while! I've been a little behind on the belly pics too so this updated one is 27w6days....
I'm having a 3d ultrasound tomorrow! Expect photos!
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I can't write a long entry but I just wanted to update yall with some pictures. Im 7 weeks in the first picture and 14 in the 2nd. You can't really tell....But i am wearing maternity clothes so i know there is a difference, I just dont see it.
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American Idol

I really want to audition for American Idol in Birmingham, AL this weekend. I called my manager to ask off and she's basically saying i can't get off saturday (the first registration day for american idol) but she may be able to get me off sunday monday and tuesday. Its gonna suck because i may not even get to audition because i know half a million people will be there on saturday morning to register and i wont get there until like sunday probably....ughhh but i want to do it really bad. I will be PISSED if she can't get me off sunday. And i will be PISSED if i can't audition. Anyway the song I want to sing is in the voice post before this, so PLEASE comment and tell me what you think!

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Damn I've got some updating to do when i finally get time! i've been trying to keep caught up with your entries! I'm getting there...

I really want this:

Too bad I am dirt poor!

New job

I started my new job today:) I had orientation. It was good. Everyone is so nice there and I think i'm really going to like it. We just filled out a lot of paperwork, watched a silly video, got uniforms and made my schedule for the next 2 weeks. So here's my life for the next 2 weeks if you are interested:
Tomorrow: I go to inner vision. It is a club for deinstituitionalized people. I just go hang out with them for the day. Its gonna be long 8:45-1:30. And then i have to go to school and stay until about 3. Then i've got to go to the hospital and get my information for my patient i will have friday. I usually do it on wednesdays but since I have inner vision tomorrow, i wont have a patient assignment, friday I will. So after i get my assignment I have to come home, look up the drugs and the disorders. Then i'll be free.
Friday: I have clinical on 6A, the renal/GI floor, its hard as hell. Last week I had a patient with 25 meds or more, a PEG tube, which is a feeding tube that is administered right to his stomach. We tried to give him his meds through his tube because on thursday he got so tired of taking the medications. Well the tube was kinked underneath this huge dressing he had over the tube and we didn't realize it and the nurse didn't even realize it. Our teacher was telling us to force the meds in and she was acting like we were stupid and she tried to force them and they splashed all in her face. And he had C-diff...which is a really contagious bacteria that makes you crap a lot. So that was nasty but funny. Anyway, it can't be much worse than that this week.
Saturday: I work from 7-4. They've changed the way they are training. It was that we would do all the classroom training and then all the up front training. But because they are training 2 other girls and all of our schedules are different we are just gonna do the classroom training at random times. So on Saturday I am working with a girl named leann all day, and i'll just follow her around and watch her and do some things when i feel comfortable doing them, but she'll have to check everything behind me. I'm definitely going into this blind. But i'm excited. Anyway so at 11 I take my lunch break and go back and work until 4.
Sunday Sunday i'm OFF. I'm OFF and i still get 20 hours a week! That is a great feeling! That i can actually AFFORD to take a day off!
Monday I start my microbiology class, gag me with a spoon. One class is enough for me and now i have another. So i'm in class from 9-12. I'll go home for a while until I have to be at work at 3 and work until 9.
Tuesday I get my god awful braces put on...if they don't tell me its gonna cost more...which knowing the jerks they are it WILL cost more and they wont tell me until they're on. It just better not cost more because thats bullshit. Anyway, i get the braces put on, then i have to rush to class and i'll probably be late...but oh well what can ya do...and i have class until 12 then at 1:30 I have lab. It says it lasts until 5 but Lab never lasts as long as they say it will. And it better not this time....
WednesdayI have school until 12, at 1:00 I can go over and get my assignment for the hospital and then i have to be at work by 3 until 9. For a couple of those hours i'll be doing classroom stuff so that will be cool.
Thursday and Friday 6A clinicals
Saturday OFF
I'll give you the rest at a later date!

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